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TEFL Course

Reach Each You Teach
The course is designed for teacher trainees who wish to teach English in the future and who have no, or little, formal TEFL experience in teaching adults or children.
It is a highly intensive, practical course that allows TEFL trainees to receive a solid foundation on which they can build experience. The timetable consists of lectures, group discussion workshops, lesson observation and teaching practice.

Duration of course: 120hours
                           1 month intensive or 2/3 months part-time
Group size:            maximum 8 per group

Entry Requirements
No previous teaching experience or training is required only a school leaving certificate.
Participants whose first language is not English will be assessed before starting the course.

Voice and Language Training

Have you thought about improving your voice? Today voice communication has become very important in business. Worldwide more and more companies require their employees to be able to use their voices effectively either over the phone or for presentations.
A pre-assessment is required in order to be placed in the correct level.
Course Duration- 8 weeks, twice a week from 09h00 until 16h00.
Maximum of 12 learners per group

Course Content
The course is presented by means of classroom learning and activities as well as role-play exercises and language laboratory sessions.
The course includes the following soft skills:
All activities are in the form of voice enhancement exercises, listening practice and role-play activities.
The Use of the Voice
Telephone Management
Language Component
Customer Service and Problem-solving
Listening Skills

Self Improvement Workshops

The Art of Mindmapping is a remarkable technique that offers an exciting new way of using and improving your memory, concentration and creative thinking.
Instruction is given on how to apply mind mapping in the work place though problem solving, presentations, management decisions etc.

The Art of Communication focuses on enhancing and acquiring the necessary skills needed to build your confidence and increase your effectiveness in 'communicating' in an increasing competitive Business environment.
Structured for candidates who are second language speakers of English and those who want to improve their communication skills in the workplace.

Our training workshops include:
Refreshments & healthy lunches
Training Manuals
Task Oriented Assignments
Choice of dates and times.

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