Improving your Business English in the Workplace

Improving your Business English

in the Workplace

Nothing succeeds like SUCCESS ...

English is the most important language in the world today. It is spoken by more people in more countries of the world than any other language. In order to do business and communicate succesfully within the corporate world, it is necessary to be professional and have a good command of the English language.

We offer practical, effective Business English Improvement Courses  that will provide you with the appropriate and successful training in the workkplace, in the shortest time possible by addressing your specific needs.

Our Literacy Courses have been developed in line with outcomes based requirements of the National Qualification Framework(NQF).

Course Information:

  • Courses  are scheduled at convenient days and times during or after office hours at the Institute or at your premises.
  • Groups are small - a maximum of 12 learners per group, to ensure optimum level of individual attention.

Business English Modules: 

  • Specific Business Vocabulary & Expressions
  • Appropriate Language to use on Telephone
  • Understanding  Cultural Diversity
  • Effective Writing Skills
  • Report Writing
  • Effective Presentations
  • Manage Meetings
  • Negotiations
  • Voice, Pronunciation & Language







Business English for Foreigners

Business English for Foreigners 


The course is designed for businessmen who have to practice, improve and enhance their Business English skills and whose time is limited and valuable.

On arrival you will begin with a pre-assessment of your language competence. This together with the needs analysis of your company's requirements will allow us to determine your objectives and design a programme that will meet your requirements and level of proficiency.

Brief Course Outline

  • Communicating in English -overcoming barriers to effective presentations
  • Speaking - correct language usage and style, negotiating and socialising
  • Reading -  understanding texts,  vocabulary enrichment, use of voice - pronunciation, stress and intonation of words
  • Writing for business - understanding sentence construction, paragraghs and style
  • Listening - understanding and listening enhancement

Ideal for candidates with little knowledge of English. Structured for a minimum of 3 people. Course designed to develop a wide knowledge of essential English language and a basic business vocabulary. We can structure the programme according to your Company's requirements.

 Pitman Qualifications: At the end of the English courses, students have the option to write Pitman Qualifications Examinations. The examinations are part of the City & Guilds, England and are recognised all over the world.


Local and Foreign Languages for Corporates

Learn a New Language ... 



Learning a local or foreign language is an investment for life whether for pleasure or business purposes. It allows you to learn, understand and communicate with people in a different language as well as to see the world from other people’s perspective and appreciate diverse cultural differences.

Course information

There are four levels: Beginner, Elementary, Lower Intermediate and Upper Intermediate.

Courses are structured according to the company's requirements.

Small learner centered groups - maximum 12 learners, allow each candidate to receive maximum attention and exposure to the target language, thus sustaining your interest and helping your learning experience.



TEFL / TESL Courses

Teaching English

as a Second / Foreign Language


Reach Each You Teach ...

The course is designed for teacher trainees who wish to teach English in the future and who have no or little formal TEFL experience in teaching adults or children.

It is a highly intensive, practical course that allows TEFL trainees to receive a solid foundation, on which they can build experience. The timetable consists of lectures, group discussion workshops, lesson observation and teaching practice.

Entry Requirements

  • No previous teaching experience or training is required only a school leaving certificate.
  • Participants whose first language is not English will be assessed before starting the course.

Different Courses are available

Brief Course Outline

  • Introduction to TEFL Teaching
  • The role of the teacher & learner
  • Understanding teaching methodology 
  • An understanding and appreciation of grammar
  • Developing and integrating the four language skills
  • Skills in Classroom Management and Interaction
  • Lesson planning
  • Error analysis, when and how to correct mistakes
  • How to plan and mark tests
  • Teaching adults verses teaching children*

Self Improvement Workshops

Self Improvement Workshops

The Art of Mindmapping is a remarkable technique that offers an exciting new way of using and improving your memory, concentration and creative thinking.

Instruction is given on how to apply mindmapping in the work place though problem solving, presentations, management decisions etc.

The Art of Communication focuses on enhancing and acquiring the necessary skills needed to build your confidence and increase your effectiveness in 'communicating' in an increasing competitive Business environment.

Structured for candidates who are second language speakers of English and those who want to improve their communication skills in the workplace.

Other Career Enhancement Workshops available:

  • Presentation Skills
  • Telephone Technique & Manner
  • Business Writing
  • Stress Management
  • Self Management
  • Conflict Management

Our  training workshops  include:

Refreshments & healthy lunches

 Training Manuals

Task Oriented Assignments

Choice of dates and times.

Young Adult English Courses

Let's learn English together!

Just for Young Adults

    Age group: 12 to 16 years old              

Teenagers  have the capacity to learn a new language more easily and naturally than adults.

Course Information:

At Magri's Language Institute we use a communicative, practical approach to language learning. The objective of the course is to learn a new language through fun interactive activities, games and song.

The course is structured around everyday realistic experiences that teenagers can easily understand, hear and repeat which ultimately reinforces vocabularly and phrases - thus raising awareness of language patterns.

Age group: 17 to 22 years old  

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